Don’t Ever Think Your Offspring As Financial Things.

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My mom and dad used to have this kind of mindset, because my grandparents from both of them have the exact same mindset. They take care their parents until both of my grandparents from both of them passed away. Compared to their siblings and cousins, my mom and dad is rock bottom ranked in terms of economy. If we compare my dad’s job to military service, he is on the same level of a three star general. Yet, even their vehicle is just a motorbike from bank lottery. I’ve been brainwashed with the duty to look after my parents since my toodler days, you know, the great good old east culture way of life and such.

One day, suddenly, they said to me.

“We are wrong, son. Please forgive us.” My mom added an extra, “Oh, and you are free to choose your spouse, from any race, from any religion, or even if you stay single, I am all good with that.” It is so striking for an eastern old type couple to apologize openly and said such things.

That’s why, for their pleasure, I bought them a car.

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