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#Angkot, short of Angkutan Perkotaan, is #Indonesian terms for share taxi, also called shared #taxi. It is a mode of #transport which falls between a #taxicab and a bus. These #vehicles for hire are typically smaller than buses and usually take passengers on a fixed or semi-fixed route without timetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled.

The Indonesian terms for this action is Ngetem.

They may stop anywhere to pick up or drop off their passengers, with semi-drift style. Sudden brake and without sign. Only God Himself knows when angkot in #Indonesia will make a turn, just like that three wheels red devil named Bajaj.

Often found in developing countries, the vehicles used as share taxis range from four-seat cars to #minibuses. They are often owner-operated.

Contrary to popular believes, most of Angkot #drivers are highly expert at #driving… And drifting. Since the vehicles are manual transmission and operating in cramped urban area, these drivers are double-clutch technique master, half-clutch expert, #countersteering guru, oh, there is too much to list.

One of my distant relative is an Angkot #driver for years, driving a 1976 Mitsubishi Jetstar Minicab. Then, my uncle hired him as a personal driver, driving his Toyota Alphard. My uncle said he never feels the luxurity of Alphard until now and he is his best driver, ever.

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