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“This Means War!” Written clearly on my friend’s gym shirt. He, recently, accepted gym as his holy sanctuary. He boasted that shirt, while flexing his muscle, of course.

I laughed. Hard.

It seems that the language used to describe workouts and diets is getting ridiculous nowadays.

Doing a workout in a gym is not a heroic act and is not comparable to a battle or war. Seriously, it is just working out on a room full of human drenched in sweat. It is all about picking things up and putting them back down repeatedly while being half naked. Not to mention that there also another half naked human watching you while doing the same thing. Regardless of how “hard” you are going, you are doing it in a safe environment, and probably even in crisp, smooth and breeze air conditioning room. When you’re done, few selfies of narcism to instagram would be great, then you get to go home and binge watch your bootleg pirated movie on a site full of online gambling and porn ads.


Heroes are admired because of their actions. Because what they did to humanity. Not their eating or workout regimen. You have nice muscle, it is good, but then that is it. Period.

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