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Is it racist to say that most Indonesians sucks? No. Surelly, most Indonesians sucks, because most people on this damn rocks called Earth that floating up and nowhere in this vast universe are, well… Sucks. It is racist is when we say how most people here suck because they are Indonesians, and chauvinistically racist is when we say we are awesome because we are Indonesians.

Or because we are Javanese.

Or Sundanese.

Or Hadramauts, Persian, Khek nang, Hokkien lang, Wong kito, kera Ngalam, arek Suroboyo, Makassar bisa tonji, dou Dompu, whatever yamacallit.

When we say we love Indonesia and the amount of talent it has or the kind people, face it. Those people are not full of talent and kindness because they are born Indonesians. They made some correct decisions in life and had some good luck, and they just happen to be Indonesians. Like you and me, but we are not that lucky.

It’s just that, you know, be straight with what you’re hating.

Oh ya, here, take a look at me. I am suck. Now laugh, all of ya. Then go ahead and hate me more.

Or love me.

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