Star Wars The Force Awakens? Ya, I watched it already.

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And ya, I can talk for hours how the heck those First Order guys ever managed to create a star eating super weapon on a preexisting ice ball that floating in a space. Sure, I can always do that. What matters, though, is the plot. Scientific ambiguities and inaccuracies? I can pretend that I have no idea for physics for a while, let’s say, two hours, if the story works properly. Now lets see what I got. Two hours into the first film, with no training, Rey beats Kylo Ren. And that just one of it. What is this? A New Hope with lots of Disney Princess garnish?

But then, maybe I am just knowing too much stuffs. This movie perhaps intended for attracting new people. I’ll just fade away, and let you have fun with it. Because the only fun I get was watching Yayan Ruhian speak Space-Sunda. Eleuh, si akang. Kumaha teh kabarna ceuk Enau di Dagobah?

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