Dompu, From My Heart

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It was a week ago, when I was waiting for a friend in front of my office. She and her husband said they’ll pick me up, so there I was, looking at the clear blue afternoon sky.

Then, a group of kids passed by. Mostly boys, but there were girls too. Few with bikes, others walk. I ignored them, but then, one of them shouted at me.

“Sae! Loa mada doho mpaa ba ta ake?” They boy said, in local language. “Big brother! Can we play soccer at this office’s yard?”

I smiled and nodded.

“Taho ni! Sure!” I shouted back at them.

They happily runs toward the office yard, and start playing. Few minutes passed, and my friend came with her husband to pick me up with their car. Then, we leave.

I barely remember that, not until this afternoon. You know, I rarely go home. Sleeping in office has been my habit since, well… Forever. It was raining, and playing beneath the sky shower seems a good idea, and there I was, after the rain, rinse myself in front of my house. I need to change my clothes after all.

A boy with bike passed by, he stopped, then he take a good look at me. I smiled. He smiled back, and quickly pedaling his bike away.

Then, in 5 minutes or so, he came back with a lot more of his peers. Boys and girls. They looked at me while whispering to each other. I looked at them with a wondering look.

“Kak Farhan, terima kasih!” One of them said, this time in our national language. Indonesia.

“Terima kasih? Terima kasih au? Thanks for what?” I have no idea who are these kids, yet why they said thank you out of nowhere. Wait, did that kid just said my name?

“Thanks for the soccer field big brother!” And all of them smiled.

Now you tell me, how the heck one can’t fall in love with the people of this land?

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    Dompu memang selalu membuat sejuta cerita, thanks sharing nya…

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