Eternity Can Be Lonely

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A woman loves with all her heart and soul. Men do not have strength to love like that, unless they are geeks, otakus, or what you may call a shitty, weird single guy in the corner that devoted to what he likes. For their feminine heart, real life romance is hard, since it is rare for them to meet someone worth falling for, and when they do, they’ll keep silent no matter what, as the shyness took over their mouth. They care for the woman’s happiness more than themself, to the point that they don’t give a single fuck if their love is a one way and the woman choose another man. They may wake up in the middle of night, stringing up his heart which is into pieces, for they knows that they want to keep his love for years. Too bad, most of men out there are jumping-ship weebos, selling cheap word they called love.

Eternity can be lonely. Please keep me company…

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